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4 Ways to Make Mum Smile this Mother’s Day

This Sunday families across the United Kingdom will be celebrating the magnificent work of mothers. Flowers of course are a must. But many of us are racking our brains to come up with ideas for a more lasting present that mum will remember for years to come. Struggling for ideas? We’ve got four great ideas that will definitely put a smile on mum’s face – and the rest of the family too!

1. Teeth Whitening

As we get older, our teeth naturally lose the shine and sparkle they once had. This is largely due to normal day to day habits such as drinking the occasional coffee or glass of wine, as well as smoking cigarettes. Many mums you have focussed their attention on making sure their children look after their teeth – often at the expense of their own smile. Luckily, there is a new way to get that shiny white smile back – Philips Zoom! teeth whitening. The treatment takes as little as four 15-minute visits to our Didsbury clinic. Mum could be rolling back the years with a smile that is up to six shades lighter.

2. Veneers

Even a single damaged or discoloured tooth can leave you avoiding smiling and even covering your mouth when you speak. There are many causes for damaged teeth – including over-zealous children! If mum’s avoiding the family photos because of this, why not get her into Oak Mount Dental Practice in Didsbury for a veneer? The simple treatment involves placing a thin layer of porcelain over the problem tooth, much like a false nail – only much longer lasting. The new cover is colour matched to your natural teeth making it completely invisible to the untrained eye.

3. Crowns

There are times when the actual tooth is damaged or loose, making veneers unsuitable. However, there is a popular and highly successful alternative – dental crowns. A dental crown is a ttooth-shapedcap placed over the visible part of the tooth. It restores its strength and shape, along with the original size and appearance. Depending on your individual requirements, various different materials may be used including metal, porcelain fused to metal, resin and ceramic. The result is what appears to all intents and purposes to be a completely normal tooth. Just wait – you’ll have mum sharing selfies in no time!

4. Bridges

If mum is missing one or more teeth completely, dental bridges are a great way to restore her confidence and pride. A dental bridge is usually 3 crowns joined together which is placed in your mouth to close a space. The teeth either side of space are prepared and impressions are taken of both upper and lower jaws. From these, a dental technician will make the bridge. Once this is assessed for fit and appearance, it is fitted with dental cement permanently. The procedure usually takes just two visits to complete, leaving mum with a long lasting smile that she will want to share for years to come.

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Make mum smile this Mother’s Day with Oak Mount Dental Practice!

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