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6 Reasons to Visit a Dental Hygienist

Visiting your dental hygienist regularly can offer a number of benefits that will leave you feeling both healthy and happy. Whether or not you like going to the dentist, healthy teeth are key to a healthy smile and the sense of confidence and self esteem that comes with it. Have you been avoiding the hygienist’s chair? Here are six reasons why you should make a regular appointment:

1. A Tooth is for Life

A lot has changed in dentistry over the last few decades. Significant advances have been made not just in dental treatment itself, but also in preventive treatment. Information and education has also improved substantially. This means that more and more patients are able to benefit from enjoying their original teeth for a lifetime – provided of course that they are looked after well.

Dental hygienists play a central role in this new approach to dentistry, helping you not just to keep your teeth, but also to avoid the discomfort and costs that come with repairs and replacements.

2. Prevent Gum Disease.

According to the NHS, almost half of 35 year olds are affected* by some form of gum disease. In many cases, the problem is so small that it is unnoticeable, except to the trained eye, but if neglected it can develop into a more serious issue. This is partly because unlike problems in the teeth themselves, gum disease is often painless and therefore tends to go undetected by patients.

Luckily, with the correct oral hygiene programme, gum disease is often nothing to worry about. In most cases, a dental hygienist can offer you personalised advice and treatment to eliminate the problem, helping you not just to maintain improved oral hygiene but also reduce the risk of tooth loss as a result.

3. Keep Away from the Dentist

Here’s one that sounds like a contradiction of terms – if you want to avoid seeing the dentist, visit the hygienist. Our lifestyle, brushing habits and other factors all affect our oral hygiene. Visiting the hygienist regularly and following any advice you are given means that you are far more likely to avoid needing to see the dentist for ongoing treatment. Remember, it is all about prevention.

4. Say Cheese!

Having a smile you are happy with is one of the best ways to boost your self confidence. But a healthy smile is not just about costly cosmetic dentistry. Daily habits such as drinking coffee or wine and smoking are just a few examples of things which can harm your appearance. A frequent visit to the hygienist will keep you free of the plaque and tartar deposits that naturally build up and affect the appearance of your teeth, as well as help you to minimise any negative effects from your lifestyle.

5. Keep Clear of Cancer

As well as the basic examination of teeth and gums, a dental hygienist will also be able to conduct an oral cancer screening, looking for any early signs of this disease. Caught early, it is much more likely to be successfully treated. Because of the increased risk, this is even more highly recommended if you are a tobacco smoker.

6. Take my Breath Away

We are all conscious of our own breath, and a surprisingly large number of people are concerned about having bad breath, but do nothing about it. Whilst brushing your teeth regularly and using mouthwash will help to keep your breath fresh, it is sometimes not enough to keep you feeling confident throughout the day. If this sounds like you, you may be experiencing Halitosis. Luckily, a dental hygienist can give your teeth a regular deep clean and help you to avoid the problem. They will also recommend the best products to get you through the day.

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