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Am I too old to get my teeth straightened?

Don’t like showing your teeth for photos? Don’t worry – over 70% of UK adults feel the same way, according to the latest statistics. A majority of adults, it appears, are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth. A third of these people were unhappy because of the colour of their teeth or missing teeth, however, a significant number of people lacked confidence due to crooked or crowded teeth. So if you missed out on braces when you were younger, is it too late to dream of a straighter smile? Probably not! Read on to discover more.

What causes crooked and crowded teeth?

Although crooked teeth are sometimes caused by problems such as movement due to missing teeth or problems with the bite arising from injury, illness or other external factors, for most people it is simply the way they are made – no different to the colour of your eyes or the size of your feet. Some people’s teeth simply grow in a crooked or crowded fashion, while for other people there just isn’t enough room to accommodate their teeth properly. Luckily, it can almost always be corrected, regardless of your age.

What are the benefits of straighter teeth?

Many people think of adult teeth straightening as a purely cosmetic choice to improve their appearance. It is worth noting that this in itself is a perfectly good reason to want a straighter smile. People who are happy with their smile tend to enjoy greater confidence and self-esteem, and as a result, often achieve more in many areas of life such as their career and relationships.

This alone makes it an extremely worthwhile investment. Another benefit is that straighter teeth offer better oral hygiene; straighter teeth make it easier to ensure healthy teeth and gums by eliminating difficult to reach surfaces that can encourage decay and gum disease.

Is there a discreet way to straighten my teeth?

For many adults, this is a key question and is completely understandable. The thought of teeth straightening inevitably brings back visions of the traditional metal braces that many wore in secondary school. Luckily, modern developments in dentistry mean that adults of all ages can benefit from almost invisible braces, allowing them to discreetly straighten their teeth without having an impact on their lifestyle.

Here at Oak Mount Dental Practice, we generally recommend that adults use our cutting-edge Smile TRU system.

What is Smile TRU orthodontic treatment?

Smile TRU is a series of clear aligners that are designed to fit over your teeth and gently guide them into the correct position which makes them a great alternative to conventional braces for most people. The innovative positioner system goes far beyond conventional braces in terms of comfort and convenience. The solution is so discreet that most people will never even notice that you are undergoing treatment.

Why choose Smile TRU?

  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Invisible
  • Safe
  • Removable
  • Minimal impact on daily routine
  • Digital prediction of the result

Why choose Oak Mount Dental Practice?

If you are looking for teeth straightening in Manchester, look no further than Oak Mount Dental Practice. Conveniently located in Didsbury, just fifteen minutes drive from Manchester city centre, we have been providing exceptional dental care for over thirty years. A family-owned dental practice, we pride ourselves in offering each and every one of our patients the very best for them.

To find out more about getting a straighter smile, call us today on 0161 445 1211.

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