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Curious Cat Sits On Owners HEAD While She Brushes Her Teeth

For us humans, cleaning our teeth is a fairly mundane activity. But for cats, or this cat at least, it seems brushing is an entertaining show. One cat owner took to You Tube to reveal her moggie’s strange behaviour whenever she reaches for the toothbrush.

As the owner stands in front of the sink, her cat leaps up, taking a ringside seat on her head. When the nightly brushing routine begins, its tail almost becomes dental floss as it dangles in front of its owner’s face. But as soon as the electric toothbrush appears, the black and white feline can’t wait to get involved. Even draping its paws over her face as if trying to take a turn with the brush itself.

Thanks to internet, we can now see the weird and wonderful ways people, and pets, clean their teeth. But however you clean yours, just remember to do it twice a day for two minutes.



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