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How do I cope with my dental anxiety?

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you are not alone. In fact, according to statistics from the Oral Health Foundation, almost half of adults in the UK have a fear of the dentist. 12% of these adults suffer from extreme dental phobia.

Have you avoided dental treatment because of your fear?

In this article, we will discuss the most common fears that we find our patients have about coming to see our dentists, and how to overcome them.

Fear of needles

Having a fear of needles is very common and we find many patients get worked up about injections. It is important to remember that we will never give you an injection the first time you come to see us. Your first appointment is simply for the dentist to have a look around your mouth and see if you need any treatment.

If an injection is needed for treatment, don’t panic. Make your dentist aware of your fear of needles and they will make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. A numbing gel can be applied to your mouth, so you won’t even feel the needle.

Fear of the dentist’s drill

The dentist’s drill sounds much worse than it is. A lot of patients are put off by the word, and the sound it makes. We can guarantee that you won’t feel any pain from the drill. Your dentist will make sure that you are completely numb before starting treatment. If the noise puts you off, why not take some headphones and listen to some music?

Worried about the pain

Unfortunately, over the years, dentists have been associated with pain. However, we actually stop people from being in pain with their teeth. For example, dental decay can be painful, but once the decay has been removed and restored, you will no longer be in pain. It is very rare that you will experience any pain whilst in the hands of a dentist.

Before treatment begins your dentist will agree on a signal with you. This is for you to use in the extremely unlikely event that you need them to stop because of pain or discomfort.

Feeling embarrassed about your teeth

A lot of our patients have put off coming to see us due to being embarrassed about the condition of their teeth. We have seen thousands of teeth in our careers and we do not judge. We want to help you get your smile to a condition that you are happy to show off. The majority of our patients are pleasantly surprised with how little work is actually needed on their teeth. Sometimes a thorough clean is all that’s needed.

Fears about anaesthetic

There are two common concerns surrounding anaesthetic. Some people worry that the anaesthetic won’t be strong enough and they may feel too much. Your dentist will administer the correct amount of anaesthetic for your treatment, and will always check that you are numb before they begin anything that could cause you pain.

Other patients are concerned they won’t have control over their mouth and tongue. It can sometimes feel like your tongue and cheeks are swollen, but they actually aren’t. You will still be able to swallow, breathe and speak. The effects of the anaesthetic will only last a few hours.

Why choose Oak Mount Dental Practice?

At Oak Mount Dental Practice in Didsbury, we understand that you may be feeling anxious about visiting us. We want to help you. Our dentists, nurses and reception team are trained and experienced in putting nervous patients at ease.

If you would like to register as a new patient with us, or simply chat to us about your anxiety, please call us on 0161 445 1211. We will be happy to hear from you.

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